What we do


Enterpize Energy and its subsidiaries and partners are dedicated to creating a clean and renewable energy future for the world. Enterprize Energy's experience and commitment cover the entire life cycle of offshore wind projects, from identification to development to construction.


The completion of an offshore wind project is in the construction phase. While Enterprize Energy does not undertake construction itself, we rely on strong ties within the industry and we readily form joint ventures with firms specialised in construction, equipment supply and other supporting services.

Enterprize Energy seeks to work with the very best in the industry in order to deliver projects of the highest calibre.

Project identification

A thorough project identification process is key to the successful launch of new offshore wind projects. Enterprize Energy draws on nearly 20 years of experience, knowledge and a commensurately mature network of partners and local institutional liaisons.

Before commencing development work, Enterprize Energy typically spends multiple years assessing important key natural factors including wind speeds, seabed structure and ecological conditions, as well as political and economic factors such as community reception, political climate and profitability.

All of Enterprize Energy's current and previous projects operate in areas highly receptive of offshore wind development, their success owing to Enterprize Energy's careful project identifciation process.

Project development

As an international energy developer, Enterprize Energy naturally draws on many decades of experience in project development. Its untarnished reputation owes much to the skills and devotion of its people.

In the project development phase, Enterprize Energy takes carefully selected project candidates one step closer to reality by thoroughly studying the various surrounding factors, gathering community support, and forming partnerships with local political players and future beneficiaries.

Project development is also the phase in which construction plans are engineered and potential construction partners are identified.



  • Thang Long Offshore Wind Power Project

    The project will be constructed offshore Binh Thuan province (between 20km and 50 km away from Ke Ga cape), where the projected average wind speed is over 9.5m/s. Turbines may have different rates of power; the first ones will be rated at 9.5MW. Over the duration of the proposed phased development, following the industry’s trends and technological advances, more powerful turbines are likely to be seen. In the future, with the success of this project, Vietnam will have an offshore wind power farm with global-leading technology.
  • Hai Long offshore wind farm

    Prior to the announcement in October 2015 from the Bureau of Energy to launch the Transitional Round for Offshore Wind in Taiwan, Yushan Energy had undertaken 3 years of investigative work to identify prospective areas.
  • Ormonde offshore wind farm

    Ormonde offshore wind farm was developed in the Irish Sea, offshore of the UK, on an 8.7km² site. Constructed by Vattenfall, the 150MW wind farm was completed in August 2011 and officially inaugurated in February 2012. It has the capacity to generate 500GWh of green electricity annually, which is enough to power 100,000 homes in the UK.