Signing memorandum of understanding on the development of Thang Long Wind wind-power project at Vietnam Energy Summit 2020

Representative of Enterprize Energy and Vietsovpetro / PVC MS signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU)..

On July 22, at the Vietnam Energy Summit 2020, Hanoi, the representative of Enterprize Energy Group - the investor of the Thang Long Wind wind-power project, and the domestic manufacturing contractor Vietsovpetro / PVC MS had signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

 The Government and Central Economic Committee co-chaired and directed the online organization of
 The Government and Central Economic Committee co-chaired and directed the online organization of "Vietnam Energy Summit 2020" to local demand points and international delegates, with a high-level forum session and four thematic sessions. 

At the signing ceremony, the representative of Enterprize Energy corporation said that after the Enterprize Energy corporation proposed the 2019 aspirations, they had received the directive from the Prime Minister of Vietnam on the permission to survey and implement of the Thang Long offshore wind power project in Binh Thuan province.

With the assistance of EVN PECC3, the corporation has implemented cooperation works with EVN and state agencies in compliance with Vietnamese regulations. The Thang Long offshore wind power project is an important national project. An international alliance has been established, bringing together experienced experts in the fields of engineering, design and finance from Vietnam and Europe. The alliance of energy companies will handle all aspects related to the development from technology, engineering, to project finance.

The Thang Long offshore wind power project is located 20km to 60 km from the coast of Binh Thuan, at a depth of 30 to 55 meters, with wind resources exceeding Enterpize Energy corporation’s expectations. The goal is that the energy from this project will be provided at an affordable price for Vietnam. 

Turbine technology will continue to evolve, which will support this process. Another project being developed by Enterprize Energy is the Hai Long project in the Taiwan Strait. Initially, the project was planned to use turbines of about 8MW / turbine, however, the corporation has recently decided to use turbines with a capacity of 14.7MW / turbine, which is the largest turbine currently available.

The result of offshore wind measurement has proved that this is a special wind source, demonstrating the corporation’s right choice for the project location. In addition, airflown surveys were conducted as part of the environmental impact assessment. The survey process uses advanced equipment and methods from the UK.

Enterprize Energy corporation's staff also organized consultation meetings in Binh Thuan with more than 400 fishermen to prepare for geophysical surveys, scheduled to be carried out later this year. From the outset, Enterprize was clear about its intention to combine with Vietnam's industry to provide equipment and services for the Project.

In addition to energy, Thang Long Wind is expected to stimulate economic growth in Vietnam because 50% of construction expense and operational expense will be placed locally. The Thang Long offshore wind power project is also the first pioneer project to receive an offshore wind survey license in Vietnam. Therefore, the corporation is very willing to discuss the power purchase price mechanism for the entire 3,400MW project. Furthermore, Enterprize Energy is also willing to consider additional investment in upgrading the grid for the Project if permitted by the Government.

Meanwhile, the scope of work undertaken by Vietsovpetro & PVC-MS consortium is expected to cover construction design, fabrication, launching, transportation, installation of foundation structures and additional supporting services. This project will take advantage of Vietnam's capacity in constructing structures through Vietsovpetro and PVC-MS, helping Vietnam to become a leading country in Southeast Asia in developing offshore wind power.

Vietsovpetro aims to contribute to building a green and sustainable economy with strengths in the execution of offshore projects. Vietsovpetro cooperates with PVC-MS and has been aiming to provide EPCI services and O&M services for potential wind power projects.

Thang Long Wind Wind Power Project is a project invested by a consortium of energy companies, led by Enterprize Energy Group and foreign partners, including Société Générale (SOC GEN), MHI Vestas Offshore Wind (MVOW), ODE; Domestic partners: Vietsovpetro, PVC - MS, EVN PECC3, Haduco, and Hemera Media.

The project is located off the coast of Binh Thuan (from Ke Ga cape) about 50km, an area of over 2,000 km2, with an average wind speed of 9.5m/s. The first turbines may be built with a capacity of about 9.5 MW, with larger capacity turbines for later stages.

The total capacity of the project is 3,400MW, divided into several investment phases, each investment phase will produce a capacity of about 600MW. Investment for the entire project is equivalent estimated at 11.9 billion USD, not including the investment for new transmission system links.