Full text of Enterprize Energy’s chairman and founder 's speech at Vietnam Energy Summit 2020


Dear Prime Minister, Conference Delegates, Ambassador Ward.

My name is Ian Hatton, Chairman and Founder of Enterprize Energy.

Following our request, in 2019 we received your directive to survey and bring forward a development plan for the Thang Long Project, offshore Binh Thuan Province.

We thank-you and Binh Thuan People’s Committee for your combined support.

We are assisted in Vietnam by EVN PECC3 who ensure proper interface with EVN and other national bodies and observance of Vietnam regulation.

We are also thankful for the guidance of Mr. Tran Viet Ngãi, Chairman of the Vietnam Energy Association.

Thang Long is a Nationally Significant Project. An international alliance has been formed bringing together expertise and best practice from Vietnam and Europe. The Alliance addresses all aspects of the development from technical, to engineering, to finance.

Thang Long is located between 20 and 60 kilometres offshore Binh Thuan in water depths of between thirty and 55 metres. Wind resource is exceeding expectations. It is our stated objective that energy from this Project must be delivered at a price Vietnam can afford.

Turbine technology continues to evolve. I am able to advise that the other Enterprize conceived project, Hai Long in the Taiwan Strait, although conceived around an 8 MW turbine, has recently committed instead to 14.7 MW turbines, the largest now available.

At Thang Long, significant progress is being made. Offshore wind measurement is proving up an exceptional wind resource, vindicating our choice of location.

Additionally, air-flown surveys have taken place as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment. This uses equipment and method created in the UK.

Our team has held consultation meetings in Binh Thuan with over four hundred fishermen in preparation for geophysical surveys scheduled to take place this year.

From the beginning, Enterprize has been clear on its intent to engage with local industry to supply equipment and services to the Project.

As a mark of that, today we will affirm that intent by signing a Memorandum of Understanding with Vietsovpetro whose fabrication facility is in Vung Tau.

I would like to conclude my presentation today by showing video of our first project, Ormonde, located in UK waters. It began production in 2011.

Ormonde was the first ever development combing the then largest capacity turbine at 5MW, and four-legged jacket structures.

Thang Long will look like Ormonde except the turbines will be significantly larger and produce over 250% more energy.

In addition to the energy, Thang Long will result in economic stimulus in Vietnam as of 50% of construction expense and operational expense will be placed locally.

Enterprize and the Thang Long Project were the first to receive a survey licence for offshore wind. I am pleased to advise that Enterprize Energy is ready to discuss the pricing mechanism for the whole project of 3,400 MW.

We are also willing to consider additional investment in grid upgrades for the Project if the Government consents.

Prime Minister, Vietnam has an exceptional offshore wind resource and we are pleased to have brought this to your attention.

Thank-you for your willingness to allow Enterprize to play a role in the development of Vietnam’s new energy resources.

Yours faithfully./.